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and Bill were frustrated at their inability to obtain the quality of dog they needed, so their third Boxer, Ronel’s Jacquet Satie, a CH. Eldic’s Landlord daughter, was bred to Ch. Rocky of Shawnee Trail. This combination produced their first champion, Ch. Jacquet’s Ronel Micah, an exciting brindle dog. He was awarded Boxer Review’s Top Boxer in the East the same year he died in a tragic car accident. However, he had sired three liters. From the first litter came Ch. Jacquet’s Mirah of Micah, who was to have a role in Jacquet’s later success; however the true foundation dog was Ch. Jacquet’s Zephan from a repeat breeding of Satie to Rocky.

Zephan had an outstanding temperament, making him a perfect match for Ch. Barday’s Chatterbox, who had been given to Rick by Tom and Barbara O’Neil. Her strong line Brayshaw breeding helped establish Jacquet’s excellent heads and bites.

With a small circle of friends, including Ron and Eleanor Erickson, Richard and Marvis Thornberg, Ed and Florence Wilderson, Eleanor Haeberle, Liane Dimitriff, Gerry Broadt and Lena Ludwig, a few foundation Boxers and some advice from the likes of Alva Rosenberg and Victor Clemente, Jacquet began its meteoric ascent in the Boxer world.

Due to difficulties encountered at the beginning of Jacquet, Rick has taken to heart some sage advice: “Sell your best puppies and don’t show against them.” Thus Jacquet deliberately shares good dogs. This has brought scores of new people into Boxers, many who later entered the show ring.

The Jacquet family is a phenomenon. In addition to his dedication to the dogs, Rick has continued to make himself available to the owners of his dogs. The shared problems and successes together with sound advice and heartfelt encouragement have made this multifaceted enterprise a legend in its own time.

While Rick has been criticized about the number of dogs that are co-owned, he has been eminently successful with the people as well as the dogs without the usual problems. Anyone who has ever co-owned a Jacquet Boxer will tell you it is a pleasant experience. Rick truly feels that the dog belong to the primary owner; his co-ownership is secondary. What is most important is his guidance, encouragement, assistance and continued enthusiasm. Rick is truly the kindly patriarch who is justly proud of every members success.

Of course, it helps if the dogs are of top quality Since 1981, Jacquet has received the annual award for the Kennel making the most champions
19 times and since 1982, the award for the Kennel Breeding the most champions 25 times. At the 1996 ABC awards dinner, after receiving the Breeder of the year award for the 14th time it was noted that no other kennel in the history of the ABC has accomplished this. Rick and the Jacquet Family are justly proud of their American Boxer Club Sires and Dams of Merit which is - at this time - 24.